Environmental law and policy research and advice

The work of ELPC is wide ranging and covers existing and emerging environmental law and policy matters. We have the experience and expertise to provide clear, concise and up-to-date advice on the implications for our clients of current and anticipated environmental law and policy at the national, European Community and international levels. Environmental law and policy is constantly evolving and extending its reach, becoming more complex and cross-sectoral; the pace of change is constant, creating risk and uncertainty. It is therefore vital for clients to have the most well informed advice available.

Given the evolving nature of environmental law and policy, we believe it is important to inform and shape the debate around both existing and future environmental laws and policies which will eventually be implemented as law at the national, European Community and international levels. We therefore actively make submissions on behalf of interested parties to legislators, government bodies and public representatives.

We are able to provide advice to cover a range of client needs including project specific support, legal drafting, representation at hearings, legal opinions, transposition studies, training and know-how as well as general advice and support.

Some of the key areas in which we specialise include:

  • Access to Justice, Public Participation and Environmental Information
  • Climate Change and the Carbon Markets
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Impact Assessment
  • Sustainable Forestry and Ecosystem Services
  • Nature Conservation and Biodiversity Protection
  • Protection of the Environment and Human Rights
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable and Responsible Investment
  • Renewable Energy and Clean Technologies
  • Drafting, Transposition and Enforcement of Environmental Law and Regulations
  • Water Resources Management
  • Environmental Law and Policy Research
  • Submissions and Representations to Governments and Governmental Bodies
  • Legal Complaints and Submissions to bodies such as the European Commission,  the European Investment Bank and the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee.