Dr. Charles Butler CV

Work Experience

Charles Butler has practiced as an environmental lawyer for the last ten years. He has experience at both national and Community law levels. His particular area of expertise and interest is nature conservation law and the transposition and enforcement of Community environmental law into national law.

He has carried out a number of legal analysis projects on behalf of the European Commission in the area of transposition and conformity with particular environmental directives. For example, he was project director and author of conformity checking report on the transposition of Community environmental law (relating to 16 directives in the areas of air, water, waste and chemicals) into national Irish law.

He has extensive experience in the area of nature conservation law and in particular the Wild Birds and Habitats Directive and has given advice on the extensive scope and nature of these directives both to private individuals, corporate bodies and public interest bodies. He has also drafted and filed legal complaints to the European Commission on behalf of private clients and public interest bodies in the area of nature conservation law and transposition issues. He has also carried out submissions on behalf of public interest bodies to the Department of the Environment (Ireland) on various environmental directives including the Water Framework Directive.

He was awarded his doctorate in Environmental Law from University College Cork, Ireland in Spring 20011. The title of his PhD thesis is 'Reconciling EU Nature Conservation Law with an Ecological Understanding of Real Property.

He is a member of the Irish Environmental Lawyers Association (IELA) and a member of the Incorporated Law Society of Ireland.


  • BBS (hons), Trinity College Dublin (1990)
  • LLM (environmental law and policy), University College London (2002)
  • PhD (environmental law), University College Cork (2011)

Professional Memberships

  • Law Society of Ireland
  • Irish Environmental Law Association (IELA)